Wednesday, November 9, 2011

25 weeks and counting

i am on my 25th week in my journey to motherhood. being pregnant is a joyous moment for every woman. though there are uncomfortable times, just the thought of having an angel inside you makes it bearable. i also miss doing a lot of stuff like running, shopping or just hanging out with friends. but then again, i still wouldn't trade motherhood for the world. i decided that when our angel comes out, all else will come in second. even my career. it's also a good thing that almost all my closest friends got pregnant too. others just recently gave birth. well, i am the last one to give birth actually. so i have a lot of new moms to consult and exchange notes with.

we recently found out the gender of our angel. it's a SHE! i've always wanted to have a girl for an eldest child. the grannies on both sides are excited. especially, my mother in law. she waited for a girl apo for a long time. she's finally having it in 3 months time. mama is excited as well. she now has two princesses that she could dress up.

i am excited and anxious as well. ronald and i would be in-charge of another life and her future will depend on how we would raise her. but i claim that it can be done! God will be with us all the way. my delivery is getting close. i always pray for a safe and smooth one. and that our little girl is normal and healthy. so far, i've never had any complications- Thanks God! baby is doing A-ok! she's jerky and moves a lot. the last check up i had, my placenta is higher than before and she's now in cephalic position. i'm doing a lot of pelvic exercises to keep her in that position. i'm psyching myself as well that i will have a normal vaginal delivery. we are just looking forward to be able to hold and cuddle her in our arms.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

baby checklist

i'm on my last month of my second trimester.. halfway there..few more weeks to go and i'm going to be a mom! i'm so excited. before, when i go to the mall i directly go to my fave shops to check on their latest stocks. now, i'm in the baby's section! there are a lot of cutie stuff for babies. as a mother, you'd want your baby to have everything. but from friends' advices, it's not practical to splurge on your newborn as babies grow fast. they suggest to just buy the essentials and just add stuff as you go along.

here's the checklist i found. this will help me search for practical buys:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

how it became to be..

i've blogged about my journey to motherhood but i overlooked to write about how i met the hubby. i know a lot of friends were surprised how we ended up with each other. i guess only a few really knew how it all began...

remember the cliche, LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS? well, that sort of applied to me and my husband. i never told a lot of people this, but i have a huge crush on him way back high school. we were batchmates and went to the same school from kinder all the way to high school. i remember when we were in third year when i realized that he's got beautiful eyes. he was an athlete, a musician, a CADET officer. in other words in high school life, he belong to the COOL group. but the thing is, he never gave me a time of day. he found me too MISS GOODY TWO SHOES! and he was the guy who can get girls from the higher year or from the different school. I was too nice to be his type-He said.

though we were not the best of friends, we both share a love for music. and because our family names were alphabetically close, we are often seatmates or rowmates. that's where i got to know him more. like any teenager then, he was full of angst ( partly maybe beacause he was an artist too). if provoked he'd get into a brawl. he's not the bully type but if any of his friends are in trouble, he goes to battle with them. he drinks, he smokes, he cuts class or miss classes. in other words he was a troubled teenager. despite that, it never turned me off. when you talk to him, he has this genuine kindness and goodness in him if you just look beyond.

i lost touch with him during college. i decided to study in cebu. most of my barkadas stayed in tacloban. they'd often update me about him and how he's been notorious with women. he dated a lot. and so they discouraged me to continue on "crushing" him. my girl barkadas got close to his boy barkadas. so when i'm home, we'd often get together, which includes him. they said, i changed a lot from what i was in high school. i was no longer the neneng type and because i was some sort of a city girl already, i kinda explored life as they say. i was more outgoing, open-minded and (ahem) fashionable! :) this time ronald was alloting time on me. he'd call and would take time to catch up on me. but knowing his reputation, my guards were up.
this was taken at jay ian's house in one of our get togethers. the friends were teasing us and insist of having this pic taken.

i guess, i was having so much fun meeting other people in the bigger city that i outgrew my fondness of him. he had a six year and a three year relationship that didn't work out. i had a five year relationship that didn't work-out as well. till we met again on December of 2008 which both caught us by surprise.. we were both single nor dating anyone.

jay ian and ronald- christmas 2008

i think we both matured as we were in our 30's already and had a different perspective with regards to relationships. we both had our shares of heartaches. he said he's done with the playing part(i'd like to believe so). he was a different man. so different that during that time, he was discerning to enter priesthood! even i, could not believe it! hehe.. but God has other plans. we constantly kept in touch after that get-together. what amazed me the most is his active involvement in the charismatic community that he was in! i was not just fond of him, this time, i was impressed! could this be the one i'm praying for? someone who would bring me closer to my faith.

we became a couple on february 2009. he then ask me if i would want to undergo a discernment process for couples in their community. i agreed to that and was willing to embrace the practice of faith their community has. though we weren't boyfriend-girlfriend for long, i was confident that when we decided to get married, i knew we were on the right track and was guided all along.

one year down the road of marriage, i can't say that it was a smooth ride. we've had our shares of ups and downs. in that short span, i must admit, it came to my mind to just throw in the towel and call it quits. but i'm lucky to have a very patient man in my life. it's a plus factor, that we are not just husband and wife, we are friends too. in four months time, we will become parents! we are so excited to finally become a family. our baby will complete us. and now, we have all the reasons to stay strong and faithful to our promises for this angel that's coming soon! PRAYER,PATIENCE and PARTNERSHIP is the key!

excited parents to be!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my bucket list

the law of attraction says in order for the universe to connive with your desires you have to visualize it and BELIEVE that you're going to get it.. so i am listing down a few of the desires of my heart. i don't know when i'll get it, but i believe im going to have it. that's the best thing of tomorrows, each day is a day closer to getting the desires of your heart.

my wishlist!

a Hilux pick up.. this has always been my dream car.

a minimalist house..

run a full marathon- my goal is to do this before i reach 40!

all things kikay

travel around the Philippines and the world.

a good dental practice

be involve in charity works so in my own little way i can pay it forward.

be able to perform again.. i've forego this passion of mine to concentrate on my studies. but the desire has never left my heart. maybe i'm bound to do this. i hope its not too late.

bungee jump..

own a pre-school..

i've come to realize that dreams come and go as you mature. sometimes because of certain circumstances it becomes less of the priorities. but as they say, when you dream, dream BIG! God will never put that desire in your heart if He has not prepared you to fulfill it. all you have to do is ASK and you shall receive. but it doesn't stop there. God also commanded us to SEEK for us to find. and KNOCK and surely it will be opened to you! DREAM ON MY FRIENDS! and KEEP THE FAITH!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

in search for a baby stroller

i've forego shoppping for myself lately. i am hook in my search of baby stuff. it's hard for us to choose since we don't have the gender yet. i can't wait to find out, so i can have my color motiff for our bundle of joy..

right now we are in search for a baby stroller since its the safest to buy regardless of what gender our baby will have. i already told ronald what my criteria are in looking for a stroller.

1. the handle should be reversible. i want to be able see my baby while i push the stroller around.
2. should not be bulky. i don't want more load than attending to my baby. i also don't want it too heavy to handle especially if i'll be alone with the baby.
3. should not be very expensive. it's not practical to buy those costly strollers. babies grow fast. next thing you know you'd be forcing your kid to sit down on the stroller, and he cries his lungs out coz he'd rather walk and run. times like this, it pays to be on the practical side.

here are some of the few choices i spotted..

GRACO-it's a popular brand. it's actually the only brand i know before i start scouting for other options. it's kinda pricey and heavy. plus i can't find one with a reversible handle.

ASHBEE-i kinda like this one and it has nice color choices too. reasonable price. but the steel is kinda thin and doesn't look sturdy.

APRICA-i like the design but the handle is not reversible which is my top criteria.

GOOD BABY-nice one but kinda bulky to me..


JOLLY-i'm more inclined to this one.. but i have to look for another color though. pink is too girlish for me.

shopping for baby stuff is fun. i know motherhood won't be all rainbows and butterflies but i'm looking forward to finally see our blessing and stroll him/her around in this ride. i'm excited!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

mom wannabe no more!

when i got married may 29,2010 last year, all we wanted was to have a baby immediately. ever since, i've been dreaming to have a honeymoon baby. wouldn't it be exciting to come home from honeymoon with the news that you're expecting? but it didn't happen. i was kinda frustrated. every month after that, i'm always on a false alarm that i was pregnant.. frustrated once more.. me and hubby prayed hard for a baby but it seems that God is on deaf ears for us. then i changed my prayer from asking and demanding to complete surrender and said "THY WILL BE DONE LORD, IN YOUR OWN TIME." truly His time is the perfect time. on June 18, i tested positive on HPT. i was such in disbelief that i asked ronald to buy two more different brands. the two lines which indicate positive became clearer. and the best thing about it, i might have conceived it on May 29! our anniversary! what a wonderful anniversary gift for us!

ronald and i couldn't be happier!we are so grateful for the blessing!

Monday, February 28, 2011

the wonder years...

   pardon me! i know i just said i'm not into birthdays.. :) okay, i take it back! hehe.. nice naman pala to be extra special on your natal day! imagine! on that fateful day of feb.27,1977 a beautiful baby girl was born! the future of the universe! the one who will save the dying economy of the country! haha!

this is me: elva piandong calumpiano
6lbs. 20inches
- i was a heavy baby and kinda tall too! as compared to my 90lbs. 5"2 stats now..
- i was an instant hit to the grandparents since i was the first grandchild on my papa's side. story has it, they couldn't figure out if i was a boy or a girl. as you can see, i don't have much hair. and when my lolo saw me he instantly said- "kairo man tak apo..kasisirom." haha.. baluga baby! but i was their little bundle of joy!

if i were a boy..i would be a cute boy
ang opaw! no wonder i was always in a dress to avoid confusion! hehe
my parents were living in an apartment then. the neighbor's would often borrow me. so that explains my laagan self now.
         mama, said when i wake up in the morning, i would immediately knock on the neighbor's door and pee there. haha.. C.R.?

  naging cute nalang daw ako eventually coz i was such a bibo kid! i have a lot of crazy antics (up to now! haha). i was pretending to be a doll here. papa went gaga looking for that kind of doll beside me. when we were on a boat, i tried to get the other kid's doll and cried my lungs out- "akon! akon!" and that black and white tv was also a victim of my craziness. sesame street was my fave show then i'd get a walis tingting and poke the speakers, thinking if i do that id be able to poke big bird as well! loka!

   that's my brother! now! he was the cute one.. mestizo, long lashes with long curly hair. we have a 2yr. gap. when he was brought home- na-insecure daw ang beauty ko.. kept asking who he is. when they told me he's my baby brother, i said i don't want one. i started knocking on the neighbors' doors again asking them if they wanted to buy a baby. i was selling my brother! i even attempted to deal my lil brother to that Bombay nga nag-papautang in our village. haha.. i wonder if 5-6 na ba at that time!

  good thing i didn't succeed in my first try as an entrepreneur. he turned out to be a sweet little boy i bullied most of the time. mama instilled in me to always look after him. she said if she and papa and yaya are not around, i will be in-charge. so feeling ko i'm the boss. haha.. when he asked what his role is- i designated him to be the boss of Fighter our dog.. he cried out loud complaining- gindaog-daog ako ni ate! haha.. but i love this little monster to bits. this time i wouldn't trade him for anyone. not even to mr.bombay!


 now that i'm all grown- pretty and cute and charming.. (hwag nang pumalag..cge na..tagi na hin chance..) my mama still talks  of my childhood with fondess. she would go- sus! si ivy sa una.. like it was just 2 yrs ago. they say even as a child you already show your own character. how you mold them may make or break the kid as a person he is today. now, i realized, if the parental units didn't impose discipline, i would have been a bratty bitch coz i was a little spoiled on the lola being her favorite. or if they weren't strict in givng me curfews, i might have been some bugoy in the kanto or worse dalagang ina nga undergrad.- i was such an outgoing kid. i was a people person, i don't choose who i mingle with. looking at what i've become now, i'd like to congratulate my folks for raising me and brother well. they were my first teachers. and now as i go through adult life i can only pray that i'll be able to practice what they preached. and when i have kids on my own,be able to teach them the core values that made me who i am today. hoping i could even be half of how great they are as parents, i know i'll make them proud!


i just turned thirtiesh.. i'm not much of a birthday thing kind of girl. for me its just any ordinary day only it marks the day when you're mother let you out to see the world. i seldom make plans on that day.. but still it makes you feel special when you're close friends and acquaintances take time out to send a greeting or two.. so to everyone who remembered..thanks muchos!
but what made it more special when the hubby made a trip to Cebu just to be with me on this day.. haba ng hair! actually, he's suppose to come on a Saturday but he had an activity at work so he didnt make the last trip. so he somehow made it up by coming over on a Sunday. he arrived at 4pm then rode his return trip at 10. bongga! baga la hin kumadto ha dagami! hehe..nevertheless, he sure did put happy on my birthday.. its a very good feeling to know you are loved!

and for the first time, he bought this couple shirt and asked me to wear it! sweet!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to be or not to be

ever since i got hitched, i've been in to some serious thoughts- a housewife or a career woman. i always said that i don't picture myself as a housewife- since i'm not domesticated at all. it kinda changed a bit since i got married. since me and the hubby are based in diffrent cities, i take my very limited culinary skills to work- when i say limited, i mean its all fried or with the aid of the very reliable microwave oven. good thing, the hubby is not that hard to feed. he's used to tending himself anyway. nevertheless, i try my best to be the "wife" as a wife is suppose to be. i prepare his things to work, wake him up for work, clean the house and the likes. during the first months, i would complain to friends that i dislike staying at home and i always end up getting sick after i leave tacloban and go back to work to cebu.
i have friends who were career women themelves but chose to put that on hold when their babies came. honestly, i thought that was a crazy thing to do. i worked my ass off to get this degree and i wouldn't just throw it away in just one blow. i've made it clear to the hubby even before. it might change,who knows. now, i get to pat my back knowing that i served my husband and attended to his needs. i can say its a diffrent kind of satisfaction than making a good job attending to my patients and earning my own keeps. both roles are incomparable though.
they say that man's highest hierarchy of need is self-actualization. i know that being a full time mom or wife is as demanding as any career you have. having a career and being a wife and a mom, is crazy as it is. right now, i don't have to decide on it yet, since we're still on the works of getting our miracle. til then, i still have plenty of time to figure things out, and make use of this opportunity to handle the role i'm given with. and be the best i can be.. bottomline, whichever you choose, what matters most is the satisfaction you get. that is- self actualization.

Monday, February 7, 2011

a whole new world

2010, was wedding boom year! a lot of my friends and some people i know tied the knot. i love weddings! for me it's the happiest event of anyone's life. its a leap of faith kind of event. no turning back kind of thing. i also love being part of a wedding. it gives me an excuse to dress up and glam up for that day.

here a few weddings that ive been a part of.. they have different stories but one reason.. LOVE! aw... sobrang cheesy!!

Jaye and Elmer- i was one of the readers on their wedding some time May 2004. there was a typhoon that day but it didn't stop the two. rain or shine ituloy ang kasal! she was among the first close friends (the other was ging2) of mine who married early. 26 is considered early nowadays!
Nyan2 and Earl- i was one of nyan's bridesmaids! they are one of the few couples who survived a very long engagement and LDR. they were a couple for 11 yrs before tying the knot. theirs was a testament that true love waits.

april and atan- i was april's maid of honor. we are always together, we would often be mistaken as sisters. silent kind of girl meets loud guy.. mr. funny guy can tickle shy girl's fancy. and the two just jive together. opposites do attract.

joy and darrien- i was one of their witnesses during their civil wedding. it was a fun event. we were just goofing around like it was just some sort of a role play. when april got married and moved to the states, its joy who i was tied to the hip with. we're always together, they'd tease us to be lesbian lovers! haha.. darrien was our schoolmate in grade school then he transferred to cdo. just when me and joy (and tet) decided to be "apalites," darrien and joy reconnected thru friendster. the next thing i knew they were infront of a judge signing their marriage contract. gugma nga naman!

kay2 and oliver- it was also a civil wedding. i was one of the few people who knew of their love story. they had the same story with joy. oliver was also a schoolmate (darrien's batchmate). and this time they reconnected in facebook! kaye was single for a long time since her last relationship during her pre law years. after that facebook encounter she was all giddy again. it was also at this time that me and ronald were on our pa-cute stage. so after we hung up on our respective pikat-pikat, we'd call each other and get all kilig like some high school girls. only this time we were thirtiesh women! they got hitched that same year they got together. i was so happy for her!

razil and marlon- i was her candle sponsor. aside from kay2, it was razil who i had the pleasure of planning the wedding with. it was also that time when me and ronald planned to tie the knot the following year. so basically, we have the same suppliers. theirs was also a long engagement and LDR at that. truly love knows no boundaries! On October 2009, i had the previlege to witness two different love stories who tied the knot! hers and kay's!

hickol and warren- so sad i wasn't there on the day of the wedding. it was a week before mine so i was busy for the preparation. but i want to think i was part of it.. i helped hickol out with the preparation. despite the short prep but they were able to pull it through..harangin man ng sibat.. i couldn't be happier for her!

jehann and geohnel- its actually geohnel who's my classmate. jehann was just an acquaintance. but she's very nice to reach out to geohnel's side of friends. so we ended up, chika with each other. they also have an amazing story... they're batchmates but went to different school. so they know each other from way back. they reconnected thru friendster and even decided to be a couple even if they're far from each other. they finally got to be physically together last May. that was the first time they saw each other again. and got married last december 2010.

do you notice that brides have this certain glow on their wedding day? i always look forward to see the brides walk down the aisle.. and truly they're the most beautiful woman that day.. and the air is just filled with love.. i'm glad i got to be the most beautiful woman who walked down the aisle on May 29,2010!