Sunday, September 18, 2011

in search for a baby stroller

i've forego shoppping for myself lately. i am hook in my search of baby stuff. it's hard for us to choose since we don't have the gender yet. i can't wait to find out, so i can have my color motiff for our bundle of joy..

right now we are in search for a baby stroller since its the safest to buy regardless of what gender our baby will have. i already told ronald what my criteria are in looking for a stroller.

1. the handle should be reversible. i want to be able see my baby while i push the stroller around.
2. should not be bulky. i don't want more load than attending to my baby. i also don't want it too heavy to handle especially if i'll be alone with the baby.
3. should not be very expensive. it's not practical to buy those costly strollers. babies grow fast. next thing you know you'd be forcing your kid to sit down on the stroller, and he cries his lungs out coz he'd rather walk and run. times like this, it pays to be on the practical side.

here are some of the few choices i spotted..

GRACO-it's a popular brand. it's actually the only brand i know before i start scouting for other options. it's kinda pricey and heavy. plus i can't find one with a reversible handle.

ASHBEE-i kinda like this one and it has nice color choices too. reasonable price. but the steel is kinda thin and doesn't look sturdy.

APRICA-i like the design but the handle is not reversible which is my top criteria.

GOOD BABY-nice one but kinda bulky to me..


JOLLY-i'm more inclined to this one.. but i have to look for another color though. pink is too girlish for me.

shopping for baby stuff is fun. i know motherhood won't be all rainbows and butterflies but i'm looking forward to finally see our blessing and stroll him/her around in this ride. i'm excited!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

mom wannabe no more!

when i got married may 29,2010 last year, all we wanted was to have a baby immediately. ever since, i've been dreaming to have a honeymoon baby. wouldn't it be exciting to come home from honeymoon with the news that you're expecting? but it didn't happen. i was kinda frustrated. every month after that, i'm always on a false alarm that i was pregnant.. frustrated once more.. me and hubby prayed hard for a baby but it seems that God is on deaf ears for us. then i changed my prayer from asking and demanding to complete surrender and said "THY WILL BE DONE LORD, IN YOUR OWN TIME." truly His time is the perfect time. on June 18, i tested positive on HPT. i was such in disbelief that i asked ronald to buy two more different brands. the two lines which indicate positive became clearer. and the best thing about it, i might have conceived it on May 29! our anniversary! what a wonderful anniversary gift for us!

ronald and i couldn't be happier!we are so grateful for the blessing!