Friday, July 6, 2007

get your act together!

i don't really know where to start. been so scattered brain lately. even wonder if i have this undiagnosed disorder of ADHD. can't seem to focus on things.. you see i am going to take the LET come August but i've been spending my time so unwisely... whew! its the lack of drive that hit me.. but the sane part of my brain tells me to give it my best shot and not having to regret it after... damn! i hate what ifs! but what the hell am i doing! can't seem to get my act together! i know this is just an alternative to the degree that i have but doesn't mean that i have to settle for mediocrity... yeah! yeah! keep telling myself that!

here's a list of my goals that needs to be accomplished!

1. pass the LET- so gotta study!
2. get a retainership at PEZA
3. lodge my assessment application to VETASSES
4. never be a doormat again!

i'll keep reminding myself this and i will get my act together! gotta snooze now.. my eyes are drooping..