Wednesday, November 9, 2011

25 weeks and counting

i am on my 25th week in my journey to motherhood. being pregnant is a joyous moment for every woman. though there are uncomfortable times, just the thought of having an angel inside you makes it bearable. i also miss doing a lot of stuff like running, shopping or just hanging out with friends. but then again, i still wouldn't trade motherhood for the world. i decided that when our angel comes out, all else will come in second. even my career. it's also a good thing that almost all my closest friends got pregnant too. others just recently gave birth. well, i am the last one to give birth actually. so i have a lot of new moms to consult and exchange notes with.

we recently found out the gender of our angel. it's a SHE! i've always wanted to have a girl for an eldest child. the grannies on both sides are excited. especially, my mother in law. she waited for a girl apo for a long time. she's finally having it in 3 months time. mama is excited as well. she now has two princesses that she could dress up.

i am excited and anxious as well. ronald and i would be in-charge of another life and her future will depend on how we would raise her. but i claim that it can be done! God will be with us all the way. my delivery is getting close. i always pray for a safe and smooth one. and that our little girl is normal and healthy. so far, i've never had any complications- Thanks God! baby is doing A-ok! she's jerky and moves a lot. the last check up i had, my placenta is higher than before and she's now in cephalic position. i'm doing a lot of pelvic exercises to keep her in that position. i'm psyching myself as well that i will have a normal vaginal delivery. we are just looking forward to be able to hold and cuddle her in our arms.