Wednesday, October 5, 2011

how it became to be..

i've blogged about my journey to motherhood but i overlooked to write about how i met the hubby. i know a lot of friends were surprised how we ended up with each other. i guess only a few really knew how it all began...

remember the cliche, LOVE MOVES IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS? well, that sort of applied to me and my husband. i never told a lot of people this, but i have a huge crush on him way back high school. we were batchmates and went to the same school from kinder all the way to high school. i remember when we were in third year when i realized that he's got beautiful eyes. he was an athlete, a musician, a CADET officer. in other words in high school life, he belong to the COOL group. but the thing is, he never gave me a time of day. he found me too MISS GOODY TWO SHOES! and he was the guy who can get girls from the higher year or from the different school. I was too nice to be his type-He said.

though we were not the best of friends, we both share a love for music. and because our family names were alphabetically close, we are often seatmates or rowmates. that's where i got to know him more. like any teenager then, he was full of angst ( partly maybe beacause he was an artist too). if provoked he'd get into a brawl. he's not the bully type but if any of his friends are in trouble, he goes to battle with them. he drinks, he smokes, he cuts class or miss classes. in other words he was a troubled teenager. despite that, it never turned me off. when you talk to him, he has this genuine kindness and goodness in him if you just look beyond.

i lost touch with him during college. i decided to study in cebu. most of my barkadas stayed in tacloban. they'd often update me about him and how he's been notorious with women. he dated a lot. and so they discouraged me to continue on "crushing" him. my girl barkadas got close to his boy barkadas. so when i'm home, we'd often get together, which includes him. they said, i changed a lot from what i was in high school. i was no longer the neneng type and because i was some sort of a city girl already, i kinda explored life as they say. i was more outgoing, open-minded and (ahem) fashionable! :) this time ronald was alloting time on me. he'd call and would take time to catch up on me. but knowing his reputation, my guards were up.
this was taken at jay ian's house in one of our get togethers. the friends were teasing us and insist of having this pic taken.

i guess, i was having so much fun meeting other people in the bigger city that i outgrew my fondness of him. he had a six year and a three year relationship that didn't work out. i had a five year relationship that didn't work-out as well. till we met again on December of 2008 which both caught us by surprise.. we were both single nor dating anyone.

jay ian and ronald- christmas 2008

i think we both matured as we were in our 30's already and had a different perspective with regards to relationships. we both had our shares of heartaches. he said he's done with the playing part(i'd like to believe so). he was a different man. so different that during that time, he was discerning to enter priesthood! even i, could not believe it! hehe.. but God has other plans. we constantly kept in touch after that get-together. what amazed me the most is his active involvement in the charismatic community that he was in! i was not just fond of him, this time, i was impressed! could this be the one i'm praying for? someone who would bring me closer to my faith.

we became a couple on february 2009. he then ask me if i would want to undergo a discernment process for couples in their community. i agreed to that and was willing to embrace the practice of faith their community has. though we weren't boyfriend-girlfriend for long, i was confident that when we decided to get married, i knew we were on the right track and was guided all along.

one year down the road of marriage, i can't say that it was a smooth ride. we've had our shares of ups and downs. in that short span, i must admit, it came to my mind to just throw in the towel and call it quits. but i'm lucky to have a very patient man in my life. it's a plus factor, that we are not just husband and wife, we are friends too. in four months time, we will become parents! we are so excited to finally become a family. our baby will complete us. and now, we have all the reasons to stay strong and faithful to our promises for this angel that's coming soon! PRAYER,PATIENCE and PARTNERSHIP is the key!

excited parents to be!

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♥chinchin♥ said...

Weee.. super kilig!! I was so excited the first time I heard the two of you were going out together.. super proud ako to share your love story, even if I don't really know the details. Match made in heaven gud kamo mana.. and now that you're both preparing yourselves to be parents, a new chapter in your life, I wish you both more love and happiness ahead. Love you both!!