Tuesday, October 4, 2011

my bucket list

the law of attraction says in order for the universe to connive with your desires you have to visualize it and BELIEVE that you're going to get it.. so i am listing down a few of the desires of my heart. i don't know when i'll get it, but i believe im going to have it. that's the best thing of tomorrows, each day is a day closer to getting the desires of your heart.

my wishlist!

a Hilux pick up.. this has always been my dream car.

a minimalist house..

run a full marathon- my goal is to do this before i reach 40!

all things kikay

travel around the Philippines and the world.

a good dental practice

be involve in charity works so in my own little way i can pay it forward.

be able to perform again.. i've forego this passion of mine to concentrate on my studies. but the desire has never left my heart. maybe i'm bound to do this. i hope its not too late.

bungee jump..

own a pre-school..

i've come to realize that dreams come and go as you mature. sometimes because of certain circumstances it becomes less of the priorities. but as they say, when you dream, dream BIG! God will never put that desire in your heart if He has not prepared you to fulfill it. all you have to do is ASK and you shall receive. but it doesn't stop there. God also commanded us to SEEK for us to find. and KNOCK and surely it will be opened to you! DREAM ON MY FRIENDS! and KEEP THE FAITH!

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