Tuesday, December 4, 2012

scarf and the cold day..

one thing i like about a rainy day is the excuse to be all covered up. i wish we have a cold season here. not rainy, just cold. i don't care if there's snow, i just want cold! :) i remember a few years ago when Tacloban City had a very low temperature and they said locals were already wearing sweaters and jackets in a daily basis. I was still in Cebu then. I wished i experienced it. i love wearing jackets. but want thing i would also love to try is wearing a scarf. i have several scarves all stocked in my closet. one, i don't know if i can "carry" it. another is, i might be too overdressed espcially that the weather is a little unpredictable here. one moment it's raining, a few hours after its scorching hot. needless to say, i am such a safe dresser or i'm a little fashion illiterate. here are some scarf fashion i would love to try..
just inspired by the cold weather.. (ed. Note): typhoon pablo is hurling the city.. please say a prayer for everyone's safety.

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