Thursday, November 22, 2012

rhiane in action..

if that girl with a golden hair was a dancer before she could walk, or begun to sing long before she could talk, my mommy said i was a climber way before i could do both. but just like the girl with a golden hair, i also thank the music for motivating me to reach the top to check what's that sound coming out from that boom box above! so i say thank you for the music for giving it to me! :) just for laughs... isn't it amazing how babies as little as they are can bring so much laughter in your household? and a few "heart-attack" moments too! i kept reminding her yaya to be alert just in case, as i was taking snaps of her. found it too cute to not document this. maybe i could show this to her in the future, what kind of a little rascal she was.

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