Thursday, November 15, 2012

rhiane @ 9 months

my little angel is growing up so fast, its so hard to keep up with her as much as trying to let her stay put. she's now at a stage of exploring and wants to try everything. fear isn't in her vocabulary yet and she has no idea what it is , so go lang ng go si bagets. i'm happy that at her age, she can now stand for several seconds. and she can now walk from one place to another holding on to furnitures and walls. i'm praying she'll be able to walk before her first birthday. which i am so excited about.
on her mat
then she starts to crawl
she loves to explore what's inside the cabinets. since she learned what's open and close, she does that to all doors she sees.. open-close,close-open.. hay naku anak! ma-ipit ka inday!
she hardly sits on her high chair.. she likes it standing up..
and when you remind her to be careful..she gives you this face.. ahhhh... the joys of motherhood! priceless!

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